Founded by Women to Support Women.

We are B-Alive!

Regaining continence and confidence for women everywhere.

In the United States, 2 out of 3 women experience the “you sneeze you pee” syndrome that restricts the active lifestyle of women over 40. Women everywhere experience issues with no strong remedies available to help them live fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid women suffering from the emotional and physical restrictions of incontinence and an overactive bladder. We are dedicated to the solution to improve and restore the quality of life by regenerating bladder muscles, nerves, and improving elasticity for better functionality. We strive to have our patients thrive.

Our Story

We are B-Alive, an organization built around a biotechnology solution for women suffering from incontinence and overactive bladders. Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause contribute to the degeneration of muscles and miscommunication of nerves from brain to bladder, creating issues for women on a daily basis. Our patented method is data-driven and is designed to address all underlying causes to give women their lives back. Research reveals a growing market of adult diapers with women outbuying men 3 to 1 and a future market size of $24.1 billion worldwide. We decided to take action and bring a solution to the table.

B-Alive is developing four products that are matched with severity for addressing bladder function recovery in women:

B-Alive Bioelectric

non-invasive biolelectric stimulation.

B-Alive Biologics Lite

bioelectric stimulation combined with a simple 3 component biologics composition.

B-Alive Biologics Full

bioelectric stimulation combined with a 15 component full complex bladder regeneration composition.

B-Alive PelvicStim

non-invasive bioelectric pelvic floor stimulation designed to regenerate muscle and nerves and strengthen muscle.
For most patients we will combine the B-Alive PelvicStim for strengthening pelvic muscle function with the right matched bladder and urethral sphincter regeneration product based on severity.

Our technology platform is based first on patented precise bioelectric signaling sequences for controlling the release of specific proteins for specific purposes.

Muscle Regeneration

klotho, follistatin, COL17A1, SDF, PDGF.

Elasticity Improvement


Nerve Regeneration

sonic hedgehog, IGF1

Blood Flow Improvement

Our proprietary BC-15 bladder, muscle and urethral regeneration composition is comprised of stem cells, stromal fraction, exosomes, amniotic fluid, selected growth factors, micro RNA gel, oxygenated nanoparticles, nutrient hydrogel, selected alkaloids, Wharton’s Jelly and bladder matrix. The composition is delivered daily to the organ via a re-fillable micro infusion pump and a pacing infusion catheter via slow positive pressure infusion until the organs are fully recovered.

Founded by Women to Support Women

B-Alive is the first to address the underlying causes of bladder dysfunction. Our team seeks to fully regenerate pelvic muscles, bladder, and urethral sphincters, thus restoring full normal functionality. The team has completed a 30-patient clinical study for our non-invasive bioelectric stimulation product. We are currently collaborating with world-class researchers and clinical investigators around the world to implement new well-controlled studies with vigorous follow-up.

The B-Alive benchtop stimulator was manufactured in Anaheim, California, in a cGMP and ISO 9001 certified facility. The stimulator has FDA 510K market clearance already for muscle function recovery, improved blood circulation, and pain relief. We are preparing to send new clinical data to the FDA to request a broadening of the labeling of indications of use. The team has also developed an at-home use portable stimulator that expects to have FDA 510K market clearance in the near future. B-Alive and BladderCell are incubating with support from Leonhardt’s Launchpads Innovation and Startup Launch Accelerators in California, Utah, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Australia, and Brazil.